Our house August 12

6 days till school starts. We had hoped to be further along in house projects but life happens.

So first a house update.

The kitchen:

Cabinets were installed!! We kept them safe in our living room from dogs and children for nearly a month.

But one thing I hadn’t thought of was that when the cabinets got installed we would no longer have a sink in the kitchen until our countertops were installed. So now we do dishes in the bathtub.

And also that we would have no place to prepare food. So after a week of trying to eat normal and lot of bathtub dishes, I had the brilliant thought to just get a bunch of the Costco premade dinners. The ones that come in a disposable pan so I can just toss it when we are done. And we have been using disposable everything else too. I apologize to the universe for the amount of trash we are producing for these 2 weeks. The end is in sight though!! We got the call, our counters will be installed next Thursday. And the butcherblock island piece will likely be delivered on Tuesday. we will survive! Barely… ha ha.

Kitchen To-Do list:

  1. Countertops
  2. Backsplash
  3. Sink/ dishwasher/ garbage disposal
  4. Drawer/ Cupboard handles
  5. Range hood
  6. Unpack boxes

Next up Bathrooms.

Bathroom 1:

Our only functioning bath/shower/dishwashing place

The toilet in this bathroom also works. Yay! But the vanity is not fully installed. It is too big and needs to be returned. It’s 36 inches wide and we can only really fit 33in without blocking the doorway. But it’s been a great storage space for towels. We have partially decided on building our own vanities, not totally sure yet.

To-do for this bathroom:

  1. Vanity
  2. Storage cabinet
  3. Lighting
  4. Mirror

Bathroom 2:

Often called the “boys bathroom”

The tile has been installed but needs to be grouted. We will have the same problem with the vanity in this bathroom, only have 33 inches of space so we will have to build it buy something else. We have the toilet ready to go in the shed for this bathroom.

To-do for boys bathroom:

  1. Grout
  2. Toilet
  3. Vanity
  4. Lighting
  5. Mirror
  6. Tub/shower faucets

Bathroom 3:

The upstairs/ “master” bathroom.

The sink is installed and works! The toilet works! But this was the original problematic vanity. Still have the same problem with the drawer slides. But we have decided to order different drawer slides and replace them instead of undoing the whole vanity. This is the only bathroom where a 36in vanity actually fits.

Matt also finished the tile in this bathroom but it too needed to be grouted before we can shower in there again. So today I decided that I would do that during Drew’s nap.

It wasn’t too hard. Just really messy. It took me almost twice as long to clean it up than it did to spread it out.

This bathroom also has a large storage area that will be super useful when it’s built. I would also really like to turn one of the doors around so it opens out and doesn’t interfere with the toilet anymore.

Master bath To-do:

  1. Replace vanity drawer slides
  2. Storage cabinet
  3. Turn door around?


All of the bedrooms need closet organization and closet doors.

Our bedroom also needs doors. We’ve just been using curtains for a few months now and it is really hard to keep kids out of my desk and stuff without doors that close.

Notice the bookshelf full of stuff that should go in a bathroom cabinet. Also that it has no shelves on the bottom half. Baby proof. Oh and the big TV box that is regularly used for a wall/baby gate for our room.

Other interior things:

We need trim everywhere. Window casings especially because we have a spider problem.

We are in the process of choosing a fireplace insert!

Downstairs extras

We have a friend in our ward who does metal working.

He is building us the hand rail and banister for the stairs. But before he can install it we have to put some trim boards up along the stairs.

Did I mention he is 82 😁 this guy is amazing!

Now Laundry room needs cabinets, a sink and countertops. Don’t really know how soon that will happen because the laundry room currently functions but it’s on the “list”.

By the end of the week I will be doing a post about all the outside work that has gone on 👍 and an updated pregnancy post.

One thought on “Our house August 12

  1. Thanks for the update Mo. Sounds like sore muscles and mind blowing trials yet here you are, taking time to to share with us. Can’t wait till we can be there and lend a hand. Love you.


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