35 weeks 5 days

It has been a bit of a wild ride the last few weeks, and my ADHD and nesting combo has really gotten the best of me. I’ll try to start from where I left off before.

At around 33 weeks we did some more blood work to check on my Bile Acid levels. Amazingly they came back at a 3. Anything above a 10 is abnormal but 3, 3 is perfectly normal! How great is that?! Our baby girl was no longer in danger from high bile acids. Then when speaking with my Midwife she said that based on my numbers and baby girls NSTs we didn’t need to induce until 38 weeks (September 10th). Initially this caught me off guard, because all along the end of my pregnancy was going to be 36 weeks (August 27th). I didn’t think that I could stand being pregnant an extra 2 weeks. Even though my numbers were normal I was still very uncomfortable, itchy and exhausted. I was having a lot of mixed feelings and I was nervous, worried about the baby and confused not sure what I should do. On Sunday the 11th I asked Matt to give me a blessing. Immediately following I felt calm and reassured that our Baby Girl was going to be ok and that I would be able to endure whatever was required of me.

On August 13th I had my final appointment with the Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist. I knew that whatever the Specialist said would be what I would do and if I followed her direction we would be ok. A Technician started with an ultrasound to check for fluid level and baby’s growth and went over my blood work. I was reassured over and over that everything was checking out great! Then the Doctor came and we went over it all. She told me that with my history and discomfort level she would still recommend induction at 37 weeks. I was quite relieved. Then as we talked we also realized that the due date I’d been going by was just a few days different than what she had listed and she wanted me to be using the same one she was. So I was bumped up 4 days sooner! Just to clarify with her I asked what day would be 37 weeks and she said August 30th. She also gave me another prescription to try to help with some of the pain and discomfort I was having. She sent a bunch of notes to my OB’s office. We ended that appointment and I felt so good! I couldn’t have gotten better news. I am so grateful for how she listened to me and my concerns and experiences. I left that appointment with no worries just excitement and peace. I went home and grouted the upstairs bathroom.

August 16th was my next OB/Midwife appointment. We went over it all and my midwife Jenny happily took all the recommendations from the specialist. We set up an official induction date for the 30th of August. And even though she is not on call that day she said she would come deliver for me anyway.

Since then Matt and I both have been working on the house like crazy and have gotten so much done! I’ll go take some pictures and share with you in another post.

NST #7 of 9. August 20th

We are excited and exhausted doing everything we can in the next 10 days to be ready for our girl to be here.

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