Into the hospital we go

As I lay here with the light of the monitor, the faint tick of the clock and the muffled conversations going down the hall it is finally calm in our room, and I can ponder the day and how we got here.

Over the weekend it was becoming obvious that her condition was not improving. We noticed that her color was starting to change during coughing fits and when she was sleeping. Matt made a comment to me about how he felt that a hospital stay was in her near future. I cried. I panicked a bit. Then I made a plan. I needed to monitor her oxygen levels to know when she needed to go in, and I could have proof so they couldn’t turn us away.

Monday night we bought a owlet oxygen monitor, but couldn’t get it set up. My sweet friend Alison came and held Georgia all night and she and I got to sleep more than we have in months! I don’t think I would have handled this day as well without that sleep!  She is an angel.

This morning I got the owlet set up and working. Her oxygen was around 89% Within minutes of falling asleep an alarm went off. Low Oxygen. That means it dropped below 80%. So I rubbed her head and chest. Her numbers went back up to the mid 80s this happened 11 more times in an hour and half. So I called the pediatric pulmonologist, they said take her to the ER for monitoring. Then they will decide if she needs to be admitted.

I eliminated some steps and decided to take her to the primary children’s hospital ER in Salt Lake, because if she was going to be admitted that’s where I wanted her to be.

Check in, triage then ER room. I tell the same story to everyone who comes in (and there were A LOT) She’s been sick for nearly 2 months. Her stats were dropping when she was asleep. She needs help, we need answers.

Monitored her for about an hour. Her oxygen would not stay above 87% while she was awake they decided to give her a nasal cannula with oxygen, and run another respiratory panel. The results came back negative again. The ER doctor came in and told us that usually they have bronchiolitis kids just stay overnight then send them with an oxygen tank to get better at home. But because she has been sick for so long he wanted to have her stay and do more tests.

They watched, listened and asked questions eventually coming up with a game plan for the next day.

Swallow study first, then CF test. A swallow study checks to see if she is breathing in small amounts of milk when she is nursing. Treatment for that is very wide range.

They did an EKG, they check oxygen all the time, did some bloodwork and spoke with another doctor about the plan. We will likely be in here a few more days as they promised me they would figure it all out.

Still no answers but she needs Oxygen and she definitely is the happiest sick baby they have. Thank you for your continued prayers. We hope this can get resolved soon.

The Zipline House

Redoing the redone laundry room

Yes you read that right. We tore down some drywall that was put up about 7 months ago and we moved some things.

You see what happened was, when we designed the laundry room we didn’t own a washer and dryer, nor did we know what we wanted. So it was designed for standard size front loaders. They would be along the wall on the right side at the back end of the room with a row of cabinets and a sink by the door.¬†

Fast forward to a few weeks after we moved back in, we went shopping for the washer and dryer at a scratch and dent store in Salt Lake. We got a super good deal on the biggest set they had. The dryer holds 9.2 cubic feet! There are 7 of us, we do a lot of laundry. I knew the words ” I wish we had a smaller washer and dryer” would never come out of my mouth. AND think about it for a sec, our kids are young, their clothes are small. The children, their clothes and in turn the laundry piles will only get bigger. So my point is they are perfect, and it makes me happy… Anyway… Back to the story..

We put them in the Laundry room, they did fit but, because of the way the plumbing was set up the machines were really far off the wall. This meant that their doors nearly touched the wall across from them and the laundry room door when opened fully was just inches away from the dryer. So in essence it made doing the laundry a bit of a hassle. There was barely enough space for a sink right at entrance but definitely not cabinets. It was just a very poor use of space and we realized quite quickly that we would eventually need to redo it.

So eventually finally started this month! Matt tore out the drywall, our friend James is a plumber and moved all the lines for us one Saturday, then this week Matt did a little extra framing and put the drywall up. Then he got it mudded and ready for paint!

Thankfully he was able to pull this all off in just over a week and a half. We only had to use a laundromat once!

The room still needs paint and cabinets¬† but it’s functional again, a lot more functional I might add.¬†


Happy New Year!

2019 was another big year for us. Starting the year in our new-to-us old home making remodel plans and an unexpected but much celebrated pregnancy. Stephanie got baptized and was supported by many friends and family. We went to Legoland and the contractors started our remodel. We lived in several different places (hotel, Air BNB, friends and family members houses)  while they took apart and rebuilt our house. Everything always took longer than expected. In April we went to Arizona for Allie’s Baptism.

In June we moved back into our much unfinished home with no kitchen, no flooring and one functioning bathroom. The kids finished their first year at a public school Franklin Discovery Academy. We took a much needed family vacation back to California and loved it. We came home and it was our turn to do the projects on the house.

Summer was full of lots of play time with friends and lots of projects. We received so much help from family and friends in many, many ways and we are so grateful. We couldn’t have gotten this far without it. One such person was around so much and had such an impact on our family, He is all Drew talks about still. He says his name dozens of times a day. Uncle Bennie. Even though my Grandma’s brother hadn’t seen me or probably even thought much about me since I last saw him 15 years ago, He showed up and helped. He helped with installing flooring, replacing the subfloor, irrigation, excavating and leveling the backyard, tree removal, getting up early picking up multiple trailer loads of bricks by hand, preparing and pouring our cement patio.

Baby day!

At the end of August Georgia made her quick arrival after a very physically taxing and stressful pregnancy. She has completed our family and filled us all with joy and awe. She is beautiful and perfect.

Fall started a new school year, and the season of sickness and surgeries. Matt had a surgery to fix four issues in his sinuses and is happy to report he can breathe through his nose MUCH better now.

First day of a new school

Georgia has got bronchiolitis once a month since birth. Thankfully she was healthy enough in November She and I made a quick trip to California to celebrate the life of my Aunt and visit with family. Then the following weekend was her Blessing day. We had many family members in town to participate and celebrate this day with us. It was a beautiful experience as our sweet last baby was surrounded by loved ones and her Dad gave her a special Blessing. We continued to celebrate this gift of life at our home with a dinner of Thanksgiving. That weekend and days following filled with family and friends were so wonderful and filled our hearts with so much joy and gratitude.

November 27th Josh and Lucas had surgery to have their Tonsils and adenoids removed. That was a very difficult time. The boys were in lots of pain all day and all night for 2 weeks. At one week after the surgery Lucas had a tonsilar bleed. A crazy rush to primary children’s hospital in salt lake, He lost a lot of blood and needed to go back into the Operating Room to stop the bleeding and pump the blood out of his stomach. He was such a champ and had no fear. It was a very long night and our sweet friend Wendy came to our aid no questions asked. She stayed up into the wee hours of the night and took care of all our other kids, and her husband Brian brought Matt up to the hospital so we could be together with Lucas. We are so thankful for them.

In mid December just as the image of Lucas coughing up blood was fading out of my mind it was time for a few more projects to get our house ready for Christmas. We were very selective this year and didn’t give our kids toys. They got things they need and gifts of family fun and memories to be made.

Finally on the 28th of December for the first time in years Matt and I were able to attend the temple. It was extra special because it was our first time in the Salt Lake Temple and it’s very last session before it is closed for 4 years for renovations. It was nice to be together in such a special and beautiful place. I really miss spending time in the temple. I am grateful that we have moved to a place were they are so easily accessible to us as a family with young kids.

We spent our New year’s Eve in service to friends, visiting some elderly friends and seeing some spectacular Christmas lights. A perfect way to end the year.

We had a big year full of many blessings and many trials. We have learned so much and grown closer as a family. We look forward to a New Year, and growing closer as a family and even closer to Christ as we study the scriptures and follow the teachings of President Nelson.


The Burk Family

Enjoy some other pictures from our year year

Some of our other amazing helpers!

the kids enjoying summer break!
summertime California trip
spontaneous viewing of the 4th of July fireworks at thanksgiving point
Summer was also full of dogs. lots and lots of dog sitting.
flooring is done and cabinets are waiting in the background to get installed
We love our gummy! she spent many weeks with us after Georgia was born.
Visit from Grandma and grandpa burk
Trip to park city to see the hot air balloons with Grandma and Grandpa Apple, Uncle Scott and Harmony .
Helping Daddy refinish Stephanie’s new bunk bed that we got for free!
a walk in the fall with my boys
Georgias Baby blessing
Stephanie and Joshua had a Christmas concert at school. Their music Teacher Mr. Woodruff accompanied them.
Family photo in the snow on the last Sunday of 2019

Welcome to our Home.

Hello there! Welcome to our home, we are Matt and Moani Burk. We have been married for nine years and have four fantastic kids. Last summer we sold our home in beautiful Grover Beach, California and moved to the breathtaking four seasons of Lehi, Utah. It has been the biggest, hardest, best change of and for our lives thus far. We look forward to sharing our hobbies, trials, successes, failures, and life adventures with you. And remember our door is always open.