The Zipline House

Redoing the redone laundry room

Yes you read that right. We tore down some drywall that was put up about 7 months ago and we moved some things.

You see what happened was, when we designed the laundry room we didn’t own a washer and dryer, nor did we know what we wanted. So it was designed for standard size front loaders. They would be along the wall on the right side at the back end of the room with a row of cabinets and a sink by the door.¬†

Fast forward to a few weeks after we moved back in, we went shopping for the washer and dryer at a scratch and dent store in Salt Lake. We got a super good deal on the biggest set they had. The dryer holds 9.2 cubic feet! There are 7 of us, we do a lot of laundry. I knew the words ” I wish we had a smaller washer and dryer” would never come out of my mouth. AND think about it for a sec, our kids are young, their clothes are small. The children, their clothes and in turn the laundry piles will only get bigger. So my point is they are perfect, and it makes me happy… Anyway… Back to the story..

We put them in the Laundry room, they did fit but, because of the way the plumbing was set up the machines were really far off the wall. This meant that their doors nearly touched the wall across from them and the laundry room door when opened fully was just inches away from the dryer. So in essence it made doing the laundry a bit of a hassle. There was barely enough space for a sink right at entrance but definitely not cabinets. It was just a very poor use of space and we realized quite quickly that we would eventually need to redo it.

So eventually finally started this month! Matt tore out the drywall, our friend James is a plumber and moved all the lines for us one Saturday, then this week Matt did a little extra framing and put the drywall up. Then he got it mudded and ready for paint!

Thankfully he was able to pull this all off in just over a week and a half. We only had to use a laundromat once!

The room still needs paint and cabinets¬† but it’s functional again, a lot more functional I might add.¬†